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Becky Landis

It will be interesting to see what you do with the new site. I look forward to it. Thanks for all the time you have put into the site.


Not quite sure what flavor geek you are, but you might enjoy a hint of space geekdom from NASA:

The movie shows Saturn's moon, Daphnis, moving through the rings and making waves.


A fresh start with a clean slate is cool with me, especially if it's freed you from some stress! :)


Pleased to book the dGeek blog right next to Joe Mallozzi's Thoughts and Tirades!

Robert von Heeren

Just red your last announcement on the Joomla site (I probably was the last one posted there, robots.txt), I support your clear cut and switch. Let`s move on.

All the best,

Elisa (ed263)

Wow..I was so distracted by your picture, I almost missed what you wrote! LOL!

Looking forward to seeing more postings by you on this site and what other blogs you will be recommending to us. I hope you include titles of some good books you have or are reading on your iPhone. :-)

Your portrayal of Rodney McKay and SGA in general, finally conviced me to tackle the tech world. At 46 I have joined Live Journal, Photobucket, Gateworld and learned so much! Links, post pictures, search the internet, and more! I have purchased DVD recorder, new computer, flash drives, iPod Touch, Kindle 2, Twitter...and so on! I would like to say thank you for opening this world full of fun and tech!


Well David, I learned computer keyboarding on Wordstar, was part of a beta testing group for the original version of Word, mangled Lotus with malicious glee; so, I think I qualify as a Geek.

Imagine, a geek who is positively prehistoric. Who da thunk it? :D


Nice to see ya back. New and improved. I'm proud to say i am a sci-fi geek and can't wait to see more. Good luck, sheryl


I like this new blog; just recently started reading the older one, so this is pretty cool-looking!

I'm also thrilled at the direction, so to speak. Sometimes I don't feel like an official nerd because I can't explain accurately why you'd never actually see a ring-shaped explosion in space, etc. In my "other life" I write Internet political-type stuff that probably a lot of people here would disagree with. But here I can admit to writing sci-fi in my spare time: one YA manuscript complete, three more not complete, two scripts which will never see the light of day. I love it. I might occasionally get paid for the other stuff, and in some sense I enjoy it too, but there's just nothing at all in the world like writing fiction.

Secret nerds need uber-cool Internet hangouts, too! :)

Well, David,

that is the most beautifull foto of you I´ve ever seen!
It´s really hard to NOT be your fan (especially after that bewitching and funny annotation upwards) :-D
Can I stay your fan and still "live" here? LOL

It´s great how you take care of this community... and constantly switch over to the newest technologies. Yeah, from time to time it´s a little exhausting to keep up with you, but since I´m a Squirrel/nerd/geek... (whatever), I learned much more about using web-sites then ever before.

My english is not very luxuriant, so I have to quote shansgrl´s words (because it´s quite exactly what I want to say):
Thanks for being the person you are and sharing a bit of yourself with us.

Wish you success!


What a cool introduction - or re-introduction. Awesome!

This is not a fan site of course but we are fans.


Nerds of the world unite!

As to the App question - there is one - it's free - it's a free RSS reader that works with Atom, too. Just search for it - there are only 3 that will come up. So I now have dGeek atom'd to my iPhone. Does life *get* any better than this?

Thanks for continuing to feed the Squirrels, David. We follow you faithfully 'ere you go. :)


::bounce, bounce, bounce::
That's my inner techie (geeky version of the inner child) showing her appreciation for your post, David. Thank you, it's fabulous to have you here, to be here, to be in such good company.
As a very proud geek of many years (no, I won't say how many), I can tell you there's enormous pleasure to be found just with the support of your peers.
I'm also a Pocket PC addict (no iPhone for me, not yet, call me when they cut their ties with AT&T and add a removable battery), so plenty of hellos & waves to my fellow PPC enthusiasts.


Well it looks like you moved smoothly over.Good job David. Looks swanky!

By the way, your pic looks awesome. You pull purple off well.

Richard T

Well - good to hear. I did have a bit of a puzzled look on my face (and cleared my Firefox cache) when I noticed that the forum was down - but everything is OK in Geek-Land.

As always DH if you need a hand with any tech side of the equation, all you need to do is ask, I know other than myself, there are several sys admins here that would be more than happy to help wait the dgekk banner - and wear the t-shirt to boot.


Tom Shafer

I wear my old school geek proudly... first touched computers in college, learned Assembly Language programming on an IBM 360 mainframe, have programmed in more than than a half-dozen more, went the Systems Engineer route professionally, later into Project Management. And then... I discovered my love of acting.

So David, consider me to be the older geekier brother (you may or may never had) who wants to do more of what you do. Hopefully, we can share a coffee IRL.




I've been lurking around reading your blog and twitter outpourings via RSS feed to my Livejournal for a year or so, but I finally decided I needed to butt in.

In the recent post you made about Starcrossed, you talked about the difficulty of making an independent TV production. Being British and a regular listener to Radio 4 (my radio does R4 and R4 Long wave for the cricket commentaries), I've been listening to a series of programmes on Saturday morning about the rise of independent TV production companies in the UK (

Here's a novel idea. Why not see whether you can get one of the UK companies to make Starcrossed. The US TV system is still far too tied to the big network format. Even the cable channels are fairly well regimented. So stuff them and the US in general and do it through a UK company. If you can't be the next Doctor, be the next best thing. There are more than enough McKay fans here to guarantee an audience.

The current televisual offerings here are poor enough that I'm considering getting rid of my TV licence and living on DVDs, so anything you come up with has got to be worth my money.


Oh hey! You're using the same thingamabob as Wil Wheaton! Which means I already have an account, YAY!

Being a nerd is most definitely a compliment! Thanks for having the faith to call all of your fans nerds =)


I love the picture!!!!


I'm no Tech or smarter than the average bear but this is the escape I've looked for along long time to bring to life the story within

Thanks for the community

Corrin Bryce

The Geek shall inherit the Earth.

This is a very nice place for alot of very awesome like-minded geek-peeps to plot our plans for global domination... um...I mean... connect and love and share our ideas.

Thanks David. You rock.


Sara Lorne

Hey David and fellow geeks!

I cannot begin to tell you how refreshing it is to hear the words 'not a fan site'. Don't get me wrong, fan sites can be great! I may not be a frequent visitor to any particular one (except Richard Dean Anderson's I'm afraid - we go back a long way! *grin*), but besides that, I'm just an occasional lurker, and generally prefer something a little more honest, like dgeek!

I look forward to all the geeky and nerdy stuff we can get up to here, and that I can learn! Learning never ends for a geek, right?!

Right, well, I'm off to play with Photoshop! I mean 'work' with Photoshop! Honest!! *cough* It's my job, but it feels like playing to me! ;-)

David and family, welcome back to England! Feel free to pop round to my house for a cuppa! When I'm at home, of course! ;-)

Sara ^_^

Sara Lorne

Hey David and Jane

Just watching A Dog's Breakfast while I do some work. I nearly wet myself! The part at the beginning where Patrick checks out the spiders to make sure they're still there!!! I DO THAT!!!!! HA!! Perhaps not with a pair of binoculars, but I do have to make sure spiders stay where I can see them! Especially in the bathroom! Where are you, you little six legged carnivore?!! GENIUS!!

Sara x

Sara Lorne

By the way, I do know spiders have eight legs, not six! That was just a typo.... honest!!!!

Sara x


Geeks unite!

As far as the age thing goes, I started counting backwards on this last birthday. I figure, in ten years I'll be the same age as my oldest kid, then I can start going forward again - temporarily at least. After all, time is relative!

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