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Book Geek, major book geek... I always had a book too... and I did the same thing.. hiding a book behind class book.. in English Lit! My teacher always tried to catch me on it and couldn't. Gaming geek, oh yes. ;) D&D almost since it went from the three small books to the three softcover 8x10's. Animals? check. Science Fiction and fantasy, heck yes. Been to quite a few cons, but not lately. Always wanted to go to ComicCon and DragonCon. TV geek. Yes, Stargate series, Highlander, Star Wars, Star Trek... anything vaguely Science Fiction, I'm there.

Tracy Weimer

Yes I am a nerd. Not the computer kind since I really can't do "programming etc" although I love my computer. I am a sci-fi geek. It started when Star Trek first came out and I was still under 10. The of course Star Wars on the big screen. And who can claim to be a sci-fi nerd and not love all things Stargate?! I also am I sci-fi/fantasy book nerd. Yay, I love books. And finally I am a nerd/nerd. I love the nerdy characters such as the beloved Dr. McKay. :X Cheers!

Sarah Wofford

I'm a WordNerd. I read, write and study languages! I'm notoriously a Tolkien Geek and (apparently) annoyingly a movie geek. ^_^


Knitted Daleks?!?!

1. We need pictures
2. We need he pattern so I can bug my Mom to knit me some.


Book and boat nerd here. My little family found out you cannot live on the Great Lakes without falling in love with the freighters on the Lakes. My son is (his words) Ontario's Biggest Boatnerd, and proud of it. There's even a huge website, devoted to these ships...growing up in the BC Rockies, who knew?


My husband and I are definately Stargate geeks and we've successfully passed it on to our children. We catch them exploring new planets all the time.

I'm a photography geek, as well as a book and movie geek. I had over 60 movie posters by the time I was 13.

The husband is a math and history geek. Oh, I can't forget car geek. He's also into Sci-fi...definately reached geek status there.


I don't think I consider myself a nerd / geek. I understand how you can love something so much that you want to understand everything about it, and how it can become a large part of your life but nothing really affects me that way.

My biggest love is books and films and most of all comedy - I love to laugh and yet I would turn off a good film and put down a good book (although I may grumble inside) to meet a friend, or fix dinner.

I guess I am more of a nerd watcher. I love listening to people get enthusiastic about something they love and in turn the subject then interests me.

On the bus last night I'm having an in depth discussion about the make up of Gravity actually being undiscovered (they know its there but not how it exists and what makeup it has) and how (when they figure it out) it will affect things such as making worm holes a reality.

I am intrigued and amazed and revel in learning new things and yet, when I made my way home the discussion is put aside while I wonder if insects know we exist, know what we are in relation to them, (whilst killing the spider population that keeps attacking me in my porch).

I think I am interested in too many things to be a nerd about any one thing. Gadgets enthrall me, words and music affect me, tv and films carry me away, the world amazes me and humans, I want to know how and why they work like they do. Human nature is probably my biggest draw.

So, if I have to name what kind of nerd or geek I am then I guess I'm the 'But Why?' Nerd/Geek. I want to know anything and everything, I want to understand.

I'm also aware that this will be of no help to you whatsoever but hey ho you asked....'be careful what you ask for' springs to mind.

btw - Why?

Mirth xx

Becky Landis

What am I a geek in? A friend of mine, when I asked him, said "There's too many areas, I don't think there's enough time to list them."

I would have to say the areas of music, history, math, science, science fiction and fantasy, TV shows and films, anime, MMORPGs, and comic books are the main ones. I used to do a lot of role playing games but haven't in years due to work schedules. The games I played were similair to D&D (I have played it, but just never got into it all that much) but usually were superheros (Marvel Super Heroes RPG or DC Heroes RPG), spy games like Top Secret SI or horror games like Stalking the Night Fantastic RPG - which later became known as the Bureau 13.

I like computers and really should take the time to sit down and study them more. But if I do, I know I'll have to get everything that's shiny.... Don't want to fall into that right now.

Becky Landis

And, I should add, like any good gamer nerd, I have boxes of dice somewhere in the house and bookcases of RPG supplements.


Gadgets! Gimme gadgets! Total gadget freak here. Including computers, sure, but gadgets in general.
Add also a passion for graphic art (graphic novels, animation, manga, anime). Ditto for sci-fi/horror/fantasy in practically any genre (except gaming).
A few more bits & pieces, but those 3 pretty much define my "geekness".


What kinda nerd am I? I am a Media Nerd. I love all forms of Media. I like Cinema and television. I like Radio and The Internet. I like books and computer. And not just the enjoyment of the content but developing my own. I write. I Film. I compose. I photograph. I program and develope. Yeah, it's usually around some SCIFI/FANTASY/HORROR theme but it all relates to media


I'm a shipwreck, nautical archaeology, maritime history, and Egyptian Watercraft Models geek. Research geek to the nth degree. It's what I do! ;-) Oh, and I drive a 34 year-old Italian moped - that's gotta count for something!

Becketts Patient

I'm geeky about almost anything... I've got way too many geek themes. One is Scotland, another one is acting and then there's horses and ... Oh dear!! I know what I am. I'm a football geek. There's no two ways about it. Good old English football which others would call soccer ;-) is my passion. I love playing the game so much more than watching it but as I'm "out of order" for now I settled for watching football and talking about football.... waaaay too much ;-)


Oh - also, Macs rule!


I think I'm a history nerd. I really love to learn weird and interesting stuff about historical people. :)


I'm an everything geek. You name, I'm probably interested in it. Writing, reading, I have an X-Box and X-Box 360, sci-fi, horror, history, and science. I'm not all that socialable and used to wear glasses.

I also go to conventions and the medieval fair. Suddenly, I'm hearing Weird Al's "White and Nerdy" playing in my head.

Sara Karle

Oh wow - I am an ecelctic geek!

Once I get an interest - a particular band, TV series (or several!), computer application, mobile phone, book (oooh so many books!) I become fixated! I want ... no need, to find out as much as I can about said interest (obsession, my family claim!), and share all I find with EVERYONE! Oddly enough, not everyone I know is as interested as me ... funny that!?!

Mealla McAllister

Well ... I was a anime/manga nerd before I discovered Doctor Who. And after that (Tom Baker is brilliant, isn't he? I hate that Doctor Who has never been really popular in Germany. That's why I discovered it so late) I became a SciFi & TV series nerd. Buying a complete TV show after only a few episodes of its fourth season and five minutes of the pilot (done with SGA)? That's me! Spending a "few" euros on a 10 seasons set, after having only seen a couple of episodes and the spin-off? Also me. Scheduling your whole day around one certain TV show? Hello ... I think you got it.
I also recently bought some books about physics in SciFi shows. There's the closeted Geek in me. ;)
I'm also in love with books, but mostly, they're SciFi (oh, Doctor Who again!) or classics (I study English Literatur not without any reason).
Makes me a SciFi/Television/Books nerd and a closeted Physics Geek. And don't get me started on Music. And languages. Can't wait to get my Czech class starting.


I am a 40+ SciFi geek in both book and TV and film, I too grew up with the Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker Dr Whos, I played D&D as a teenager, and I still go wargaming once a week. The advent of the internet has given me a whole new world of geekiness to explore. The future is bright for us Geeks I feel.


I love the way you put it - all kinds of geekery out there indeed.

On my official bios, I describe myself thusly: I'm a writing geek with one foot in the real world and the other in the make-believe.

I'm also a Web geek (the day job) and a Mac geek, SF/F geek, music geek...uhm, there are not enough hours in my day, are there?


I don't necessarily think I'm one kind of nerd or the other, I'm probably several.

I'm a book geek for sure though. I work at a publishing company and I probably spend an equivalent to what I personally spend on healthcare each year on books. I'm really into scifi and fantasy, with a current obsession on cyberpunk.

I'm also a knitting nerd and an honorary member of the IT department where I work. My best friend, who's also my housemate, works in the IT department.

I wish nerds weren't so bad at getting together and being friendly. I'm totally convinced that geeks are the best people to date.


Scott Johnson about 56 different types here: http://myextralife.com/56geeks/big_poster.php


I don't think I can be defined under a specific geek or nerd type. I love the internet, video games and I'm completely addicted to sci-fi and everything that goes with it. The first show I remember watching on TV was Star Trek: The Next Generation. I watched the premiere episode of Star Trek : Voyager and never missed an show until it ended in 2001. I have every season of Doctor Who and I squealed when I got all six Star Wars DVDs for my birthday. I won a gift card from my university and I went and used it to get all five seasons of Atlantis; when asked why, I replied without a though, "what else would I have gotten?" Being a 22 year old female, I get a lot of flak for being the way I am, but I don't care. I feel sorry for the people who feel afraid to proclaim their inner nerd. I say embrace it - you'd be surprised who would join you!


I'm a book nerd and a literature nerd. If you want to talk about empiricism in Tristram Shandy I'm your girl.

I'm a Pop Culture nerd. I have a communications degree. I specialized in Pop Culture and Media Analysis. I know way too much garbage about famous people and events related to them.

I'm slowly wrapping my head around quantum physics. I'm enjoying talking about large hadron colliders. I think http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGZXhUeLh90 is cool and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xgaVbOjwUE is funny. Hello physic nerd :-)

There are two topics that I have seen peoples eyes roll when I go on and on.

I am a vampire nerd. I've been interviewed as a vampire expert on television and radio. For one semester in collage every paper I wrote had something to do with vampires or vampirism. It got to the point where I wasn't allowed to say the "V" word.

I'm an archeology nerd. I love watching documentaries and TV shows about any culture. History and Discovery are my favorite channels.

There is one area of archeology that I'm particularly interested in.

I am an armchair Egyptologist. My area of specialization is something called "The Amarna Period" - the 17 years before King Tut. Yup, Egyptology nerd in the house.

I wish I was a technology nerd but I just can't get into it. The only reason I passed Grade 11 computer science is because a guy in the class did my homework for me.


I am by far a Sci fi, Movie, computer and video game geek. I LOVE the virtual world! I want to be a director one day. I love video games...ANY THING scary i will play. I live on the computer lol and as for Sci fi. I love Science fiction stories and shows because anything is possible. So yeah....lol i don't really know what else to say.


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