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+1 to sgakaz have you ever read any of the fan fictions?
I get ad your books to the list of books to read. I should read them in uhh..maybe in 5 years?

Erina Stenholm

David, I would like to thank you, and everyone who posted comments with more excelent comments.

Yesterday on my monthly visit to the local Sci-fi/fantasy book shop I actually ended up having a hard time choosing which books to buy now and which to buy later. I usually just walk around the fantasy shelves sighing: "read that, and that.. ooh heard of that but nah, read, read, gaah not Robert Jordan..."
So thank you!

I will also curse all of you for making me a Susan Clarke addict in times when I should be focusing on a large essay...

Also would like to agree with Judy and Pintsizeninja, Gaiman is truly awsome. I really did enjoy Neverwhere and American Gods, and highly reccomend those.

Guess since I'm making one of those long posts I might just aswell reccomend a boardgame while at it; Cosmic Encounters! It's probably more well known outside Sweden where no one but me and my friends have ever heard of it, but it's really fun to play. The game is a space war game with diplomatics and a large score of different races to choose from. How about the "Parasite" who can form allianes at will withouth being invited, or the "Zombie" who cannot die despite loosting a battle, among afew. No two games are alike. And there's a whole lot of deals and humor but I warn you...
It is addictive and you need some pretty nerdy friend to enjoy it fully.


I've recently gotten into the characters that Jonathan Lethem writes. They're shorter stories that I find I can pay attention to but the characters are so wonderfully fleshed out and quirky that the subject matter holds my interest as well. But I might have to check out some of these. I've been incredibly slack on reading of any kind.

Except for insightful and intelligent blogs written by interesting and fantastic people.

Erina Stenholm

After watching a couple of episodes of the new Stargate Universe series I was reminded of a book that I read many years ago. "Aniara" by Swedish Nobel prize winner: Harry Martinson. http://www.amazon.com/Aniara-Epic-Science-Fiction-Poem/dp/1885266634

It is a poem about the space ship Aniara that was constructed to ship people from earth (doomed to extinction by of man) to Mars. However the ship looses its course and is now heading out to the unknown space, further and further from the sun with no possible return.

The poem is about the people on board that ship. It's wonderfully written, beautiful and touching. Not really what you have in mind when you think science fiction, but it's simply awsome.


I too and disappointed to not see any Isaac Asimov on the list both the Foundation series and the Robots trilogy are very good.

Currently though I'm reading Robert J. Sawyer. He presents a very realistic near-future with plenty of geeky and canadian references.
The Neanderthal Parallax trilogy and Calculating God are some of my favourites so far. Although Flashforward (the far superior original that the TV show is based on) is also quite good.


Hey david!
I'm just curious have you been watching the new doctor who episodes? I think Matt Smith has some promise ^_^ Also, which doctor was your first doctor? Based on the book suggestion is it Tom Baker? You should see some of the parodies people do of him, they are so funny! I don't know much about tom baker's doctor but yay for jelly babies and long scarfs! ^__^


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one of the best if not the best series that has been, that purpose by God! I plead fan number 1 of the saga de star war ...


i like this part of the blog:""The sky above the port was the color of a television tuned to a dead channel"...one of the best opening lines for a cyber-punk nerd like me..suddenly being a computer geek seemed cool." is very good

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future human society. I admit, his characters are abit stiff at times, but it's well worth the read!


This seriously is a great list of geek books! As I haven't read all of them I am starting to get the books one by one :]
I am starting with "His Dark Materials Trilogy" by Philip Pullman. I really liked the description and can't wait to start reading! Thank you very much for sharing this fabulous list with us!


Wow, fantastic list, i know what i'm reading next!
Lord of The Rings is my all-time favourite novel, thanks for putting it up even though its not so sci-fi ;)
Oh and i must recommend that anyone who likes Hitch-hiker's Guide, and hasn't already, listen to the original radio play. My parents recorded it off the radio and i listened to it on tape for the first time when i was about 10, and i've loved it ever since.

Also, i was a little disappointed to not see in any Terry Pratchett on this list, his work is truly unique and unequivocally amazing. I wonder if, David, you do not like him enough to put on the list or have simply never read one of his novels?
If you haven't i strongly recommend you do, you'll never regret it :)


I think your make some good points. I really think you cover the topic well. I have found similar people's thoughts http://www.rapidpig.com/TEACH+IN+-+Disco+Collection.html and they tend to say the same as you.


If you like Stephen King you may like Muriel Gray: The Trickster (set in Alberta and BC) and The Ancient. Both creepy as anything -- one-damn-thing-after-another sort of stories.

Also the daddy of suspense/ghost writers, MR James who can have you eyeing the shadows on the most trivial of pretexts.

Bec Patajac

I see Dune up there, I'm yet to read them but the Legends of Dune series written by the son (Brian Herbert) of the initial Author as a tribute after he'd passed away, is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. There are only three to the series but they are a must read since they are based on how Dune itself came to be; I fell in love with the complexities of the politics and science and the sheer imagination of behind the world that Frank Herbert created. I aim to read the original Dune series soon.


Also, Magician by Raymond.E.Feist is another complex story, three to the Riftwar series also; about magic and alternate universes and once again, politics and strength of the human spirit. Amazing.

Another I am currently in the middle of reading is Eon by Greg Bear; a Sci-Fi God. It's centered around the physics of space-time manipulation including time-travel, alternate universes, alternate futures for Earth itself etc etc

Amazing stories; great ways to escape reality and peek into other worlds that, due to the scientific foundations throughout, seem to truly exist.. somewhere

Bec Patajac

I apologise for a second post but here are some links for easy searching;

Legends of Dune - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legends_of_Dune

Riftwar Saga - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riftwar_Saga

Eon - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eon_(novel)

Thanks all

Oh, and you're amazing David :P


I'm so glad someone mentioned Ursula le Guin. Personally I'd start with her fantasy - easier to get into, especially "A Wizard of Earthsea", which is much deeper than those familiar with present-day formulaic fantasy might assume.

For politics and social theory nerds, "The Dispossessed" and "The Left Hand of Darkness" are absolute must reads. (Well, I think they're must reads for everyone!) The first is an exploration of power and systems of governance/government (and the clearest introduction to anarchosyndicalism you're ever likely to find), while the second delves into power and gender. Both do so through compelling human emotions, relationships and entanglements.

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