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Awesome man. Now, where's the iPhone app?!


Consider me a "dubious account" (as quoted from above), then, instead of a fan.

My attempts at being cool have always fallen short in favor of my distractability of "uncool" desires, loves, or actions.

I've not yet found myself in a place where I'm confident enough to even sarcastically elude to my inner coolness or to completely untie myself from the binds of what is popularly cool and my attempts at, at least, faking the cool at small intervals.

I've let go of a lot of things in my life. I'd like to start showing people what I've learned about myself. I'd like to learn from others what they've learned in turn in their own lives.

Now, as Jared put it, "where's the iPhone app?!" An app. That's like a token, right? You don't actually need an iPhone for that to work, right?

Lady Aleena

First, thank you for making this community happen. It is so very appreciated. We who are nerds and geeks need some place to call our own, and you have made us a splendid place to settle down and take root.

Second, you need not dwell on your IMDb image. We appreciate you just as you are. If you must change it, use the image above or a screen shot from "Vegas".

Good luck with all of your future endeavors! Have a wonderful day!

Patricia Lee

Wahoo! Geeks rejoice! David's back and in style too! I am not to technically savy, but I love techno!

Cheers Mate!


We first found out about Nerds and being cool in a popular sense in Happy Days in the 70s and early 80's. I'm sure David will know what I mean. How can kids grow up today and not know about the Fonz.

Tt was always about the difference between trying and not trying to be cool and about being yourself, which was also cool.

Grease and Happy Days. We learned it all!!


Oh nerds are definitely the coolest people. Perhaps I'm biased, because I'm a nerd myself, but I still stand by that statement.

And what's all this worry of your age? We all love you as you are.

Kimberly aka Kdvb1 aka TehKimber

I love just made me so very happy! A playground for us geeks!

Is there a difference between geeks and nerds? I don't know why but I prefer the word geek for some reason. *scratches head*

*runs free in the playground of geekiness that is dGeek*



This post made me smile. I love it. :)

It is really hard to phrase the feeling that this post meant to me. Probably the best way is to say that it assured me that there are people out there who don't just care about theirselves but they care about others too. Even a personal blog entry can mean this.

Thank you David!

I am a geek and proud of it! :D


I to am just starting to admit my geekiness. I was quit offended the first time my teens called me a "nerd". But leave it to the young to teach us a lesson. My youngest (age 9) calls herself a nerd and is very proud of it. She said that we were alike one another in this area so today I stand here a proud nerd. I just found dGeek and love it because it's more than a fan site. Just go with your flow, it works:0)

Anna Kristín


Does this all mean that I no longer have to hide the fact that at 44 and female I am into sci-fi, fantasy art and comic books. Whooo!
Does it matter that I have a pocket pc and not an iphone? Can I still be a geek?

Cheers David


Oooh, I like the new blog :).

And thanks for calling us Nerds, in my world that's being cool ;).

@Sean kids can grow up without knowing about the Fonz ? You've just ruined one of my life assumption :'( .

Alex Deva

David, all the best from Romania. I wish I could buy ADB but unfortunately it's not being distributed here. Maybe you can help that!


Woohoo! Glad to see you blogging on TypePad - I was afraid with all the problems Joomla was giving you that you wouldn't be posting for a while. Too bad TypePad doesn't have a BlackBerry app (or does it? I'd have to look through BlackBerry App World) - then you could post from whichever phone you had handy.

You'll always be cool in our book, no matter what.

@Sean - love the Fonz. I actually met Henry Winkler a number of years ago...fantastic man.


I've been a proud geek for ages, so this is great place to be. ;) After all, I got the elementary school class brain award, so I have the credentials to back it up (and the comp. sci. degree conferred with distinction!)

Speaking of A Dog's Breakfast, where can I find it in Canada? Any retailer that carries DVDs, or only online?


I wish I was a geek but unfortunately I lost internet access four years ago and things are changing so fast and so good. Hope to get back into it soon and then catch up.

Photo is amazing - you should warn a girl...expecting McKay and get that. You really look good.

Am I right in thinking this is like your blog but just easier for you to access and quicker to give us a 'fix'?? Least that's the way I understand it.

Undecided about changes to dgeek but you seem quite logical when it comes to tech and freedom of speech so I am reserving judgment till you've waved all the changes in. A sparkly new playground for us to play in. Can't wait.

I am fully confident in who I am... unfortunately there is no cool person hiding in here anywhere but hey ho... there is a comedian and I prefer them to the cool kids.


Kim Ward

One of the things I learned when I 'met' you through SG is that you as an actor were a geek at heart. That made me an instant fan. Told all my college buddies about "The Big Bang Theory" the other day and they went "Wow that IS SO US!" Geeks Rool. And despite rumors to the contrary, I discovered twitter through dgeek, not Aston Kutcher


Thanks for taking us on this great adventure with you. : )

It wasn't until I discovered Stargate and online fandom (about 7 years ago) that I was truly able to embrace my inner nerd/geek/fangirl side and let it be seen as a positive desciption of something that bring a lot of joy to my life.

Change can be scary but I am willing to trust that you know what you are doing and just come along for the ride.




There is something about everyone that is slightly nerdy, don't you think? I think some people are more comfortable about admitting it than others and that is why you have the overt nerds. I bet even those people that you 'think' are the 'cool ones' have that one little hobby or love that they don't reveal to anybody. We are all nerds in our own way. That being said, I'm definitely a SciFi nerd. :D


I'm going to need a flowchart soon to keep track of all your web activities. Dgeek, twitter, myspace, now typepad. It's endless! ;)


I have always wanted to go on an adventure! Thank you for inviting us along!
I am looking forward to letting my inner nerd run free in a playground of geekiness! ;)


Ooh! Sexy pic.


Oh boy I cannot wait to let my "Inner Geek"out. She's been itching to be set free from her prison. Let the fun commence.

Fraggle Dragon

Loving the new look, and looking forward to the new site!!

Angie aka shansgrl

I love shiny new toys. Especially the nerd kind.

My friend says everyone should have one nerd friend. She's right of course because we nerds are fabulous. ;)

I have to admit, I've been inspired lately by hearing more about you and your passion for your work. Where that inspiration takes me remains to be seen, but that's half the fun right? I can't wait for our new place to play, the joint will be jumpin' that's for sure!

Thanks David for being the person you are and sharing a bit of yourself with us.


I've been part of a "Nerd Herd" for a while now. I think of "geek" as having a different meaning, but I'm good with either.

Um. I find your first declaration a bit.. not as friendly as we've come to know you. I am trusting that the revised site will be just as exciting as, if not more than, the existing one.


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